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Our efforts at Stroud™ Water Research Center require intellectual curiosity, a systematic and rigorous approach to scientific research, and the drive to answer a series of challenging questions about freshwater ecosystems. The answers to these questions may take decades to fully understand, but it is critical that we persist, as they have the power to influence others in ways that positively affect the world’s finite supply of clean fresh water.

Recent Publications

Phenological modeling of the parthenogenetic mayfly Neocloeon triangulifer (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) in White Clay Creek

Kolpas, A., D.H. Funk, J.K. Jackson, and B.W. Sweeney. 2019. Ecological Modeling 416, 108892

Widespread cryptic viral infections in lotic biofilms

Payne, A.T., A.J. Davidson, J. Kan, M. Peipoch, R. Bier, and K. Williamson. 2019. Biofilm 2, 100016.

Spatial heterogeneity in water velocity drives leaf litter dynamics in streams

Bastias, E., M. Bolivar, M. Ribot, M. Peipoch, S.S.A. Thomas, F. Sabater, and E. Martí. 2019. Freshwater Biology, early online access.

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Freshwater Research News

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Visiting Scientist Goes with the Flow
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