Research Projects

List is in reverse chronological order and represents the most recent completed project year. See also: Featured Research Projects


Source Tracking and Spatial/Temporal Dynamics of Bacterial Contaminants in the Red Clay Creek

Scientists monitored fecal indicator bacteria on a monthly basis at the east and west branches of the Red Clay Creek ... Read More

Restoring Flood Attenuation and Ecological Resiliency in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont

For this project, scientists and watershed restoration professionals restore one headwater basin to reduce flooding downstream, improve water quality, and ... Read More

Parthenogenesis (Virgin Reproduction), Hybridization, and Life History Plasticity in Mayflies

Scientists are studying a number of mayfly species in White Clay Creek as well as in streams throughout eastern North ... Read More

Collaborative Research: Sediment Stabilization by Animals in Stream Ecosystems: Consequences for Erosion, Ecosystem Processes, and Biodiversity

Caddisflies and other net-spinning macroinvertebrates attach gravels to one another within the streambed. These attachments result in more force required ... Read More

CNH: Coupled Climate, Cultivation, and Culture in the Great Plains: Understanding Water Supply and Water Quality in a Fragile Landscape

This collaborative project develops a model to predict the potential impact of climate variability, climate change, land use, and human ... Read More

Macroinvertebrate Monitoring

(Note: the formal project title changes from year to year depending on which rivers are monitored.) These projects use aquatic ... Read More