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Best Management Practices

Tour Highlights How Farm Practices Can Protect Drinking Water
1024 831 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud™ Water Research Center’s Executive Director, David Arscott, Ph.D., recently spoke with members of the Christina River Basin Task Force on a tour of Hoopes’ farm. 

Cover Cropping Series
450 334 Stroud Water Research Center

The Stroud Center sponsored a series of cover cropping articles written by Steve Groff, a cover crop researcher and owner of Cover Crop Coaching.

Clean by Design
1024 680 Stroud Water Research Center

38 Master of Landscape Architecture students from the University of Pennsylvania visited Stroud Water Research Center to learn about protecting clean fresh water through land use and best management practices. Distinguished Research Scientist and President Bern Sweeney, Ph.D., led the program.

Q & A: Rewarding Private Behavior to Enhance the Commons
725 470 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Center president Bern Sweeney, Ph.D., and Jamie Blaine published an op-ed piece in the September 2016 issue of Freshwater Science proposing a new system to reward private behavior to…

Bern Sweeney looks over a level lip spreader
Partnership in Cover Crop Research Bears Fruit
300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

Cover cropping coach, Steve Groff, explains in Lancaster Farming how a project at Meadow Springs Farm is a rare opportunity for Stroud Center scientists to closely observe and measure the…

From Stream to Tap: Keeping Fresh Water Clean and Safe
725 470 Stroud Water Research Center

Water treatment facilities have procedures in place to make water safe for drinking. But the dirtier the water, the greater the cost to treat it.

Senator Gets First-Hand Look at Conservation Practices
300 222 Stroud Water Research Center

Riparian buffers, cover crops, even rain gutters on the barn can make a big difference to water quality. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. saw all this and more on a farm tour that showcased conservation upgrades.

Conservation Awards Given to Stroud Center and Deep Roots Valley Farm
300 225 Stroud Water Research Center

We’re excited to share that the Stroud Center was named Conservation Organization of the Year by the Berks County Conservation District.

Scientists Study How to Keep Pathogens Out of Drinking-Water Sources
1024 713 Stroud Water Research Center

Stroud Center scientists are studying how well best management practices on farms protect drinking-water sources from pollution.

Healthy Streams for Healthy Herds
1000 662 Stroud Water Research Center

When farmers improve the health of streams on their land, it also improves the health of their herds.

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