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Consequences of Erosion and Deposition in the Fly River, Papua New Guinea, on Carbon Cycling and Climate Change

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This research project on the Fly River in Papua New Guinea, one of the more dynamic sediment delivery systems in the world, aims to determine whether the combined effects of…

Christina River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (CRB-CZO): Quantifying Carbon Sequestration Resulting From Human-Induced Erosion

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In collaboration with the University of Delaware, Stroud Center scientists established one of 10 Critical Zone Observatories in the U.S. and began to establish the sampling, sensor, and data infrastructures…

Dust bowl farmland.

UpStream Newsletter, July 2013

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Where the Wells Run Dry: To predict the potential impact of climate variability, climate change, land use, and human activity on water resources in the Central Great Plains, Melinda Daniels, Ph.D., is leading a three-year research project recently funded by the National Science Foundation.

Integrating the Carbon and Water Cycles Within an Ecosystem Esthetic Approach to Landscapes

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Stroud educators and scientists developed and implemented Your Livable Landscape: Cultivating an Ecosystem Esthetic, a collaborative education program that builds on the landscape practices of Longwood Gardens and the science…

J. Denis Newbold, Ph.D., at his desk

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2012

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A Seeker of the Truth: Denis Newbold, Ph.D., holds both strong political beliefs and an absolute commitment to scientific rigor, not an easy place to be when science is under fire.

White Clay Creek flooding across a roadway near the Stroud Center.

Scientists to Collect Water Quality and Climate Change Data From Hurricane Irene

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Hurricane data could reveal much about how soil erosion into rivers might bury carbon and sequester it from acting as a greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Fly River in Papua New Guinea.

Rivers Are Not Pipes

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Third article in a series about an international team of scientists following the transformation of river-borne carbon from the sources of the Fly River in Papua New Guinea to its sink.

Maritza Biological Station dormitory with Orosi volcano in the background.

Studying Tropical Waters To Understand the Impacts of Climate Change

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Naturally occurring differences in temperature, rainfall, and hydrological characteristics of tropical landscapes will yield useful information about how climate variation and change may impact the diverse species that populate our planet, and teach us more about climate feedbacks to carbon cycling processes.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2009

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The Stroud Center and the University of Delaware will study whether human-induced erosion modifies greenhouse gas emissions from the landscape.

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Science and policy: new insights into terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric carbon flow and implications for stormwater management policy

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