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Amanda Garzio-Adzick and Heather Titanich stand near a new riparian buffer.

Scaling Up Outreach for Cleaner, Healthier Waterways

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New team members will help farmers and landowners adopt stream-friendly practices and access climate-smart incentives for reducing water pollution.

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Watershed sediment cannot offset sea level rise in most U.S. tidal wetlands

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Ensign, S.H., J.N. Halls, and E.K. Peck. 2023. Science 382(6675): 1191–1195.

A salt marsh in Barnstable, Massachusetts, shows signs of erosion and drowning as the sea level rises.

When Sea-Level Rise Threatens Coastal Wetlands, Don’t Look to Rivers For Help, Scientists Say

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Building up wetlands that are drowning under rising oceans remains a challenge, but scientists are now one step closer to identifying solutions.

Mitigating Agricultural Pollution of Fresh Water and Combating Climate Change by Restoring Soil Health

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Plowing, disking, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides have damaged the health of agricultural soils, resulting in reduced rainfall infiltration and storage, increased stormwater and pollutant runoff, degraded streams, and contaminated groundwater.…

Volunteers at the Darby Creek salt snapshot.

We, the Community Scientists

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People in the Delaware River Watershed are joining forces and collecting data to protect the vital freshwater resources that sustain their communities.

NASA DEVELOP logo and team member headshots.

Stroud Center and NASA Examine National Park Streams From Space

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Two science powerhouses are joining forces to discover water quality trends
in some of America’s favorite national parks.

Michael Mann receives 2022 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence from Executive Director David Arscott.

Stroud Water Research Center Honors Michael E. Mann, Ph.D., Leading Climate Scientist and Author

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To share his knowledge and warn the public about climate change, Mann has authored more than 200 peer-reviewed and edited publications, numerous op-eds and commentaries, and five books.

Aerial image of reforestation efforts along the east branch of White Clay Creek from 1937 to 2015.

How Data Can Help Win the Fight Against Climate Change

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Stroud Center scientists are amassing long-term data on streams and rivers that will help build resilience against the impacts of climate change.

Free Educator Workshop! Wild and Scenic Rivers in the Face of Climate Change.

[Virtual Educator Workshop] Wild and Scenic Rivers in the Face of Climate Change: An Immersion in White Clay Creek

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This workshop will focus on tools, resources, and ideas that pertain to climate change impacts and how to improve our choices around freshwater resources while focusing on a very special place on the planet, White Clay Creek watershed.

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After the storm: fate and leaching of particulate nitrogen (PN) in the fluvial network and the influence of watershed sources and moisture conditions

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Krieg, C., E. Johnson, E. Peck, J. Kan, and S. Inamdar. 2021. Water 13(22), 3182.