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Blazing and grazing: influences of fire and bison on tallgrass prairie stream water quality

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Larson, D.M., B.P. Grudzinski, W.K. Dodds, M. Daniels, A. Skibbe, and A. Joern. 2013. Freshwater Science 32(3):779–791.

UpStream Newsletter, July 2013

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Where the Wells Run Dry: To predict the potential impact of climate variability, climate change, land use, and human activity on water resources in the Central Great Plains, Melinda Daniels, Ph.D., is leading a three-year research project recently funded by the National Science Foundation.

UpStream Newsletter, April 2013

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Building New Ideas on Old Foundations: “The River Continuum Concept” remains the most-often cited paper in its field. So, when Melinda Daniels, Ph.D., wrote “The River Discontinuum,” people noticed.

Present research frontiers in geomorphology

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Plater, A.J., M.D. Daniels, and T. Oguchi. 2013. Pages 349-376 in A.R. Orme and D. Sack (editors). Treatise in Geomorphology, Volume 1, Academic Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The significance of perceptions and feedbacks for effectively managing wood in rivers

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Chin, A., L.R. Laurencio, M.D. Daniels, E. Wohl, M.A. Urban, K.L. Boyer, A. Butt, H. Piegay, and K.J. Gregory. 2012. River Research and Applications 30(1):98–111.

Fish community response to habitat alteration: impacts of sand dredging in the Kansas River

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Fischer, J., C. Paukert, and M.D. Daniels. 2012. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 141(6):1532–1544.

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Graduate Research Leading to a Degree from University of Pennsylvania

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Stroud™ Water Research Center and the Department of Biology at the University of Pennsylvania announce opportunities for graduate research with adjunct Penn faculty at the Stroud Center.

Damming the prairie: human alteration of Great Plains river regimes

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Costigan, K.H., and M.D. Daniels. 2012. Journal of Hydrology 444–445:90–99.

Reply to Bunte et al. (2011) “Discussion of Daniels and McCusker (2010): operator bias characterizing stream substrates using Wolman pebble counts with a standard measurement template.” Geomorphology 115, 194–198

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Daniels, M.D., and M.H. McCusker. 2011. Geomorphology 134:501–502.

Spatial pattern, density, and characteristics of large wood in Connecticut streams: implications for stream restoration priorities in southern New England

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Costigan, K.H., and M.D. Daniels. 2012. River Research and Applications 29(2):161–171.