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Ruth Patrick in a stream holding clumps of aquatic plants.

UpStream Newsletter, October 2013

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Remembering Ruth Patrick: Ruth Patrick, Ph.D., a pioneer in environmental science and aquatic ecology and co-founder of the Stroud Center, died September 23, 2013 at 105 years old.

Origin of Striped Bass Collected in the Delaware River for Toxics in Biota Monitoring

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In 2012 the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) collected striped bass (Morone saxatilis) from the Delaware River for toxics in biota monitoring. Stroud Water Research Center…

Azavea Summer of Maps

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A summer intern with Azavea combined GIS data collected by Stroud Water Research Center scientists from above and below the surface of the White Clay Creek to generate a complete…

Evaluating Threats to Humans and Aquatic Ecosystems Posed by Agriculture Around the Río Sierpe, Costa Rica

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Stroud Water Research Center biologists completed a project to better understand the threat of contaminants from agriculture entering the fish and drinking water supplies around the Río Sierpe and Río…

Fish Dispersal Across a Riparian Habitat Gradient

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Stream fish appear largely immune from physical, chemical, and biological changes between meadow and forested habitats. A study in which fish were tagged and recaptured was initiated to measure fish…

The Snail the Dinosaurs Saw or an Introduced Species? Using Genetic Data to Untangle the History of a Snail That Is New to Pennsylvania

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The snail Goniobasis proxima has never been observed north of the James River in Virginia until discovered by Stroud Water Research Center biologists in three locations in southeastern Pennsylvania. Genetic…

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2012

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Talking About Rafa –Maritza’s Manager In Words and Pictures: Rafa Morales was hired to collect macroinvertebrates at Maritza Biological Station in Costa Rica. A year later, he was in charge of the station itself.

Effects of Elevated and Fluctuating Temperature Regimes on Macroinvertebrate and Fish in Pennsylvania’s Warm Water Streams and Rivers

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This laboratory project investigates macroinvertebrate and fish responses to artificial changes in water temperature. Thermal regimes are warmer than normal and approach or exceed physiological and regulatory limits. Daily temperature…

Gone Fishin’: Evaluating the Threat of Agricultural Contaminants in the Río Sierpe

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Stroud Center scientists sampled the Río Sierpe and Grande de Terraba watersheds to identify contaminants as well as contaminated species that threaten humans who consume them.

Stroud Center Awarded Grant to Study Agricultural Contaminants

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Pesticides and other contaminants from agriculture pose an unknown threat to the Rio Sierpe ecosystem and to humans who eat contaminated fish and shellfish.