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Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: White Clay Creek, Pennsylvania

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A study of a third order drainage basin in Pennsylvania, examining stream and watershed characteristics associated with riparian zone restoration and reforestation.

2015 Stroud Center Publications

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Stroud Center scientists have authored or co-authored more than two dozen scientific papers this year, exhibiting the range of our science from Yellowstone Lake to Costa Rica and from earthworm…

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Fish growth, physiological stress, and tissue condition in response to rate or temperature change during cool or warm diel thermal cycles

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Eldridge, W.H., B.W. Sweeney, and J.M.Law. 2015. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 72(10):1527-1537.

Scientific Expert Testimony for Department of Justice: Wetland Connectivity Related To Jurisdictional Determination in a Painesville, OH Wetland Complex. US v. Osborne, Sr. DJ#90-5-1-1-18628

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Funded by: US Department of Justice Principal Investigators: David B. Arscott and William H. Eldridge Collaborator: John K. Jackson (2014) Project Years: 2013, 2014

Searching for DNA in Water To Test for the Presence of Freshwater Mussels

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Determining that a species is present in a stream has traditionally required collection surveys to visually observe one or more individuals of that species. However, collection surveys may harm rare…

Developing a Water Atlas for the ACOSA Region of Costa Rica

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Stroud Water Research Center biologists are working with researchers and managers in the ACOSA region of southwest Costa Rica to collect and disseminate information on streams and rivers to a…

Education News, Fall 2014

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From New Jersey to Costa Rica to North Carolina and back home at the Stroud Center, our education staff was busy this fall!

Sharing Our Science: Summer 2014

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Stroud Center Scientists Attend International Conferences; Leaf Pack Network Science Hits the Road; 24 Hours, 55 Volunteers, 807 Species; Walking the Walk at Spring Creek Farms Field Day; Cultivating the Next Generation of Scientists.

Sharing Our Science: Spring 2014

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Stroud Center Tackles Watershed Restoration; Getting to Know Rock Snot; Something Smells Fishy.

Earth Week Presentation on Stream Fish Ecology

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Learn how you can help improve freshwater ecosystems by monitoring fish populations, educating the public, and expanding stream restoration efforts.