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Tara Muenz teaching a group of students in the outdoor classroom.

Students Experience Field-Based Learning at the Stroud Center’s New Outdoor Classroom

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There’s just something about going outside. It’s fun. It lowers stress. It helps students focus. And it’s a great way to learn about freshwater science.

Students using the Model My Watershed web app on a laptop computer.

Students Nationwide Model Their Watersheds, Solve Environmental Challenges

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To cultivate the next generation of scientists and watershed stewards, Stroud Center and partners are taking Model My Watershed to classrooms nationwide.

Rhamphomyia longicauda in copula

Sharing Our Science: Winter-Spring 2016

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For the long-tailed dance fly, every night is ladies’ night, Dave Funk explained in a lecture a University of Delaware insect ecology class.

Teachers from the Pennsylvania Leadership Charter School learned about the Trout Grow on Trees program.

Sharing Our Science: Winter 2016

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We share our science to increase awareness and create a public dialogue centered on the protection, preservation, and restoration of watersheds everywhere.

Susan Gill, Tara Muenz, and Libby Gregg.

Education Department Highlights: Hello, Congratulations, and Goodbye

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Stroud Center announces the retirement of Susan Gill, the appointment of new education director Steven Kerlin and the promotion of Tara Muenz to assistant director of education.

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Designing resilient energy education programs for a sustainable future

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Lane, J., A. Baker, R. Franzen, S. Kerlin, and S. Schuller. 2015. Journal of Sustainability Education, 8.

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Status and needs of environmental education related organizations in Wisconsin: results of the 2014 state-wide survey

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Kerlin, S., J. Kacoroski, and K. Liddicoat. 2015. Technical report from University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension, Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education, Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education and the Wisconsin Environmental Education Consortium.

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From local to extreme environments (FLEXE): connecting students and scientists in online forums

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Carlsen, W.S., E. Goehring, and S.C. Kerlin. 2014. Pages 81–89 in V.C.H. Tong (editor). Geoscience Research and Outreach: Schools and Public Engagement, volume 21 in Innovations in Science Education and Technology series. Springer Netherlands, Dordrecht.