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Education Programs Get a Boost From BB&T

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BB&T’s continued support has helped us teach thousands of public school students in grades 4 and up about the importance of freshwater stewardship.

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Our Watershed

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Marcum-Dietrich, N., S. Kerlin, C. Staudt, and M. Daniels. 2018. The Science Teacher 85(2):39–48.

Stroud Center Educators Visit the Lamotte Company

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Our educators visited the Lamotte Company recently to discuss our product line and our partnership. Lamotte sells a few of our education products including the Leaf Pack Experiment Stream Ecology Kit.

DNB First Renews Its EITC Support

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DNB First’s support will allow the Stroud Center to make its school programs, field trips, and professional development workshops available at no or reduced cost to public school districts whose budgets might not otherwise be able to offer the innovative educational programs in support of their regular curricula.

Restoring Flood Attenuation and Ecological Resiliency in the Mid-Atlantic Piedmont

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For this project, scientists and watershed restoration professionals restore one headwater basin to reduce flooding downstream, improve water quality, and increase stream-ecosystem resilience so that it will once again support…

Model My Watershed — Delaware River Basin

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This project expands the Model My Watershed® application to the entire Delaware River Basin and supports restoration efforts funded by the William Penn Foundation. This application will provide higher-resolution modeling…

West Chester Area School District Water Quality Education Center

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Stroud Center educators and restoration staff will provide assistance in this newly funded project in forest restoration, establishment of three outdoor learning stations, teacher professional development, and curricula development in…

Water Quality Mobile App

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In 2018, the Water Quality App™ received updates to separate net-spinning caddisflies in the digital field guide to macroinvertebrates and improved functionality. In 2016 and 2017, the Android version of…

Thomas P. Bentley Muddy Boots Fund for Chester County Council, BSA Programs

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The establishment of the Muddy Boots fund has made Stroud Center education programs free for youth in Chester County Council, Boy Scouts of America. Programs have expanded to include a…

Teaching Environmental Sustainability — Model My Watershed

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Stroud Center educators and scientists continued to enhance the Model My Watershed application and refined the model curriculum for middle and high school students. This project is completed in partnership…