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Streamside Forests

The Riparian Buffer Arboretum showcases woody species that are proven performers for floodplains.

Tour Our Riparian Buffer Mini-Arboretum

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In the interest of testing new plants that could further enhance riparian areas, we’ve planted a mini-arboretum along the banks of White Clay Creek in our experimental watershed.

Bud Miller with his young riparian buffer, showing abundant growth of trees and wildflowers.

A Family’s Restoration Adventure, Four Years In

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In 2017, Bud and Marilyn Miller were the proud overseers of a new riparian buffer. Since then, a beautiful transformation has unfolded on their property.

Ag BMPs and Buffers for Middle Schuylkill Focus Area

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This project will assist at least eight farmers to plan and implement at least 80 agricultural best management practices on the condition that they also install forested buffers on their…

Restoring the River Continuum Community

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We’re working with partners and land users to implement natural solutions to regenerate soils and safeguard fresh water, solutions that benefit both human communities and the entire ecosystem.

Volunteers Help Plant Trees for Healthy Streams

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The trees will help restore stream banks, create habitat corridors, and mitigate runoff from a nearby road.

Photo of Martha Ressler's quilt honoring tree-planting volunteers.

700 Trees, Three Volunteers, and a Quilt

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Fiber artist Martha Ressler found a unique way to honor the volunteers who helped her and her husband Jay plant a “mini-forest” on their property: she immortalized them in a quilt.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Stream restoration for legacy sediments at Gramies Run, Maryland: early lessons from implementation, water quality monitoring, and soil health

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Mattern, K., A. Lutgen, N. Sienkiewicz, G. Jiang , J. Kan, M. Peipoch, and S. Inamdar. 2020. Water 12(8):2164.

Tree-rific Virtual Learning Resources on Streamside Forests

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Every tree we plant plays a vital role by providing a natural buffer zone between our land use and the stream it protects.

How Can You Plant Seeds of Change? Watch the “Stories from the Streams” Video!

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Episode 1 in a video series from WHYY TV12 demonstrates how planting trees along a stream can filter out pollutants and dramatically improve water quality.

A Movement Grows to Help Farmers Reduce Pollution and Turn a Profit

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An innovative program is showing farmers how to plant cash crops in buffer zones to help stabilize stream banks and clean up waterways.