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Streamside Forests

Volunteers Plant Nearly 1,000 Trees for National Volunteer Week

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Stroud Water Research Center restored 2.75 acres along two swales that transport rain water into a major tributary of the Brandywine River, which eventually flows downstream to provide drinking water for the city of Wilmington.

Stroud Center Presents at Riparian Forest Buffer Summit

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Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources organized the 2018 Riparian Forest Buffer Summit to provide conservation practitioners and decision makers with information and skills that they can use in their work.

Berries and Nuts: a Different Approach to Riparian Buffers

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Planting trees and shrubs on streamside crop land improves water quality. What if you could plant a buffer that would protect a stream and yield a crop?

Meet the Farmers: Bud and Marilyn Miller

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Bud and Marilyn Miller see their newly planted streamside forest as a valuable investment for future generations.

Funds for Improved Farming Practices to Help the Chesapeake Bay

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Stroud™ Water Research Center’s Watershed Restoration Group was awarded $750,000 to install best management practices on 24 farms.

USDA Programs Put Stroud Center Science on the Ground

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With the help of the USDA, a growing number of farmers are choosing to plant streamside forests to protect water quality for their downstream neighbors.

Volunteers Plant 1,000 Trees in Coatesville

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The Stroud Center and the Brandywine Conservancy hosted a tree planting on a farm that was once the northern base of the historic King Ranch of Texas.

Streamside Forest Buffers Preserving Water Quality

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Research has shown that streamside forests minimize pollutants reaching the water and help streams cleanse themselves of pollutants that do reach the water.

Students Take to the Woods to Monitor Streamside Forests

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This spring, more than 130 students helped Stroud Center educators and watershed restoration staff monitor streamside forests in the Middle-Schuylkill and Brandywine-Christina watersheds.

Volunteers Plant 1,140 Trees for National Volunteer Week

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The Stroud Center celebrated National Volunteer Week with help from Exelon Generation, BB&T, Cheshire Hunt Conservancy, Colonial Pipeline, Dansko, Hugh Lofting Timber Framing, and local community members.