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Streamside Forests

Senator Gets First-Hand Look at Conservation Practices

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Riparian buffers, cover crops, even rain gutters on the barn can make a big difference to water quality. U.S. Sen. Bob Casey Jr. saw all this and more on a farm tour that showcased conservation upgrades.

Meet the Forester Who’s Leading People to Clean Fresh Water

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Ecological information specialist Rich Shockey is one of our most effective partners helping to spread the word about how streamside forests protect and restore streams and rivers.

Volunteers Lend a Helping Hand

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National Volunteer Week and Corporate Days of Service gave Stroud™ Water Research Center a helping hand throughout April and May.

Conservation Awards Given to Stroud Center and Deep Roots Valley Farm

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We’re excited to share that the Stroud Center was named Conservation Organization of the Year by the Berks County Conservation District.

Restoration News, Fall 2014

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In between the flurry of watershed restoration planning and field work that the Stroud Restoration Team carries out, it organized several riparian forest buffer workshops through the region this fall.

Study: 100-Foot Wide Forest Keeps Streams Healthy

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New literature review shows streamside forest buffers should be at least 100 feet wide on each side to protect freshwater ecosystems from human activities.

Streamside Forest Restoration to Improve Water Quality — Crum Creek

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This project involved an experimental planting of 925 trees on 4.1 acres of riparian land for keeping pollutants out of two headwater tributaries of Crum Creek and learning new insights into how to properly install the bird netting, associated with protective shelters, placed on all seedlings to increase their survival and growth.

Trees Can Be a Stream’s Best Friend

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Tree-lined streams aren’t just pretty — healthy trees also make for healthier streams. How’s that, you ask?

Small Streams: The Heart and Soul of Waterways

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When it comes to water quality, size is definitely not everything. Listen up for the big impact of small streams

Students Learn Fish Grow on Trees

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Students raised trout from eggs, monitored tank water quality, recorded fish behavior, engaged in stream studies, and learned to appreciate water resources.