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Three brook trout in a stream.
Bringing Eastern Brook Trout Back to Red Clay Creek
UpStream 2023, Issue #5
In Pennsylvania, property owners and farmers are transforming their lands to restore a stream’s health and its native fish.
Six Stroud Center staff members at a conference.
Sharing Our Science at the National Monitoring Conference
UpStream 2023, Issue #5
Along with networking and learning state-of-the-art water quality monitoring techniques, we presented our research to hundreds of water quality specialists.
Elisabeth Ruschmann standing near a stream.
High School Student’s Research Shows Salt Pollution of Fresh Water Has Tripled in 20 Years
UpSream 2023, Issue #5
Elisabeth Ruschmann monitored water quality in her community and made an “alarming” discovery. Now she’s focused on sustainable solutions.
People stand next to a vehicle on a dirt road to admire a tropical sunset.
Costa Rica Close-Up
UpStream 2023, Issue #5
Take a virtual trip to Maritza Biological Station, which houses one of the world's longest continuously running data collections from tropical freshwater ecosystems.
Five girls walking in a stream.
Scientists for a Day
UpStream 2023, Issue #5
Students visiting the Stroud Center gather data to help answer a guiding question: “How healthy is the East Branch of White Clay Creek?”
Bern Sweeney, 2023 Society of Freshwater Science Fellow
Bern Sweeney of the Stroud Center Named Society for Freshwater Science Fellow
UpStream 2023, Issue #5
Under his leadership, the Stroud Center became the only independent nonprofit, nonadvocacy research institution focused solely on the study of freshwater ecosystems.
A group of tree planting volunteers from Sycamore.
Volunteers Plant 600 Trees for Healthy Streams
UpStream 2023, Issue #5
The trees were planted along a tributary of Brandywine Creek in Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania, in a project funded by American Water.
David Arscott and Rafa Morales stand in a stream in Costa Rica.
Tropical Research Reveals Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality
UpStream 2023, Issue #4
Stroud Center scientists continue to investigate how climate change influences tropical species and ecosystem dynamics.
A child in a wheelchair uses a net to capture creek critters.
Wild About Water
UpStream 2023, Issue #4
Creek Critters, a book for kids created in partnership with Stroud Water Research Center, inspires scientific discovery in a Utah school.
Jen Merrill in front of a blooming cherry tree.
From Marshes to Marketing
UpStream 2023, Issue #4
Former scientist Jennifer Merrill takes on a new role as the Stroud Center’s director of marketing and communications.
Farm equipment at Walmoore Holsteins.
Walt Moore, a Stroud Center Partner, Named Pa. Distinguished Dairy Producer
UpStream 2023, Issue #4
Moore models farm stewardship and environmental conservation through his operation and is recognized as a leader in Pennsylvania’s dairy industry.
Two people standing on the top of a mountain.
Thank You to Everyone Who Made the Wild & Scenic Film Festival a Success!
UpStream 2023, Issue #4
Trail Creek Outfitters’ 16th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival was back to its familiar indoor format with wonderful offerings from local restaurants.