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Three people next to a replica of the Nancy Grace Roman space telescope at the Goddard Space Flight Center.
Looking Back at Earth and Its Fresh Water From Space
UpStream 2023, Issue #8
All-star community science volunteers visit Goddard Space Flight Center and learn what NASA satellite data reveals about threats to streams.
Stroud Center Collaborations Amplify Impact on Fresh Water
Stroud Center Collaborations Amplify Impact on Fresh Water
UpStream 2023, Issue #8
Scientists, educators, and watershed restoration professionals are working together to create long-lasting and positive impacts on waterways.
Three high school students examine rocks collected from a stream.
Philadelphia Catholic Schools to Participate in Watershed Education Programs at the Stroud Center
UpStream 2023, Issue #8
Student groups from fourth through 12th grade can visit the Stroud Center’s 55-acre campus for a hands-on day of science lessons.
Learn How to Protect Your Watershed
Learn How to Protect Your Watershed
UpStream 2023, Issue #8
Have you ever wondered how you can make a difference and improve the health of your local streams? Watch this special webinar series to find out!
Volunteers at the Darby Creek salt snapshot.
We, the Community Scientists
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
People in the Delaware River Watershed are joining forces and collecting data to protect the vital freshwater resources that sustain their communities.
A family of four paddles a red canoe on a lake.
Family Day Engages Latino Community of Chester County in Outdoor Recreation
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
Park and nonprofit partners led a day of fishing, canoeing, and nature exploration for families, with instruction in both English and Spanish.
A streamside buffer after seven years of growth.
Chesapeake Bay Program Tours Denlinger Farm
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
Stewardship projects on the farm are helping to restore water quality in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the Chesapeake Bay.
Lamonte Garber in front of a Sullivan County, Pa. stream with a small waterfall.
Lamonte Garber Recognized as a Good Natured Pennsylvanian
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
Stroud Water Research Center’s watershed restoration coordinator has a dedicated history in water preservation and restoration.
Laura Turner Seydel in a boat with water in the background.
The 2023 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
The 2023 Stroud Award for Freshwater Excellence recipient is Laura Turner Seydel, environmental advocate, eco-living expert, and chair of the Captain Planet Foundation.
The 2023 interns pose in front of a Stroud Center backdrop.
Meet Our 2023 Interns
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
Our interns assist with research and other mission-focused work and gain valuable professional experience and networking opportunities.
Rachel Johnson standing between two EnviroDIY Monitoring Stations.
A Dream Come True: Rachel Johnson Takes on New Role at the Stroud Center
UpStream 2023, Issue #7
She found a purpose making water data accessible. Now she's pursuing graduate research in the watershed where she empowered community scientists.
Rachel Johnson installs a sensor bundle in a streambed.
EnviroDIY in the Delaware River Basin
UpStream 2023, Issue #6
Watch this video to learn about the progress made through the Stroud Center’s community science project.