Lancaster Farming Highlights Farmer’s Efforts to Help Environment

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[Mahlon] Stoltzfus, of Earl Township, is one of many Lancaster County farmers who are doing things on their farms to help the environment. Often, these strategies have big benefits on the farm. —Farmers’ Efforts to Help Environment Benefit Their Lancaster County Farms, Lancaster Farming

The Stoltzfus farm project is a great example of how Stroud™ Water Research Center’s Watershed Restoration Group can help landowners tap a wide range of public and private funds to help them afford projects that can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars, and often more.

In this case, lease payments from the U.S. Department of Agriculture compensated Stoltzfus for taking acreage out of production and the Stroud Center contributed funds for stormwater improvements on the farm.

Goldfinch by Photommo. CC BY-ND 2.0, no alterations.

The results so far?

Erosion is way down. Deer and songbirds rustle throughout the buffer, and algae have disappeared, leaving the water clear. “We’re excited about seeing it another five years from now,” Stoltzfus says.

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