Stroud Center Work Tied to New U.S. Foreign Policy on Water Security

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Global water security map
Global view of local exposure to water-related risks. Aggregated measure of quantitative, qualitative, regulatory and market based risks to local availability of adequate water supply, as well as risk of flooding. Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

“For the first time, the United States government will approach water scarcity as a national security issue,” reports Diana Kruzman for Grist

The White House Action Plan on Global Water Security recognizes that without access to what the United Nations calls “acceptable quality water,” the risks to individuals, businesses, and nations are significant and include those related to not only public health but also economic, political, and food security.  

Whether it’s too little, too much, or too dirty, water crises abound. Climate change has brought droughts in some areas and flooding in others. Lead pipes crumbling from age and too much salt contaminate drinking water straight out of the tap. Water has even been used as a weapon of war through attacks on infrastructure, and as with Ukraine, what happens abroad impacts those living on American soil.

The announcement underscores the urgent and critical need to support efforts to protect our most precious natural resource. To help Stroud Water Research Center advance knowledge and stewardship of fresh water, please donate today.