Educators Go “Virtual” After Hurricane Cancels Conference

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This illustration from NAAEE’s 2017 conference materials represents the common coquí, a frog that is a symbol of Puerto Rican culture.

Last fall, for the first time in its more than 46-year history, the North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE) was forced to cancel its annual conference. It was scheduled to be held in October in Puerto Rico but the island had been devastated just weeks before by Hurricane Maria.

NAAEE’s first response was to support the staff and families of Para La Naturaleza, their Puerto Rican partner, and to raise funds to reopen their properties, rebuild urban forests, and educate people about adapting to a changing climate.

NAAEE then decided to hold a virtual conference to share highlights of what had been planned for Puerto Rico. They held a series of webinars and created a virtual conference web page to allow all accepted presenters to post their presentations.

Several Stroud Center educators were among the accepted presenters. Steve Kerlin, Stroud Center Director of Education, currently has two presentations available for download:

More presentations from our education department are expected to be uploaded soon.