Developing a Community Information Model and Supporting Software to Extend Interoperability of Sensor and Sample-Based Earth Observations

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

This EAR Geoinformatics Program grant supported a project to develop the Observations Data Model version 2 and related software to enable interoperability of Earth observations derived from sensors and samples that span discrete data and informatics initiatives for multiple communities. This information model is now at the foundation of the BiG CZ Project software and the emerging Citizen Science data portal newly funded by William Penn Foundation.

(Project details may change over the lifespan of a project. The project description listed here is from the annual report of the most recent project year.)

Funded by: National Science Foundation EAR 1224638

Principal Investigator:

  • 2014-2015: Jeffrey Horsburgh (Utah State University)
  • 2013: Anthony Aufdenkampe
  • 2012: Jeffrey Horsburgh (Utah State University)

Collaborators: Anthony K. Aufdenkampe; Ilya Zaslavsky (University of California, San Diego); Kerstin Lehnert (Columbia University); Emilio Mayorga (University of Washington)

Project Years: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015