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Direct channel precipitation and storm characteristics influence short‐term fallout radionuclide assessment of sediment source

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Karwan, D. L., J. E. Pizzuto, R. Aalto, J. Marquard, A. Harpold, K. Skalak, A. Benthem, D. F. Levia, C. M. Siegert, and A. K. Aufdenkampe. 2018. Water Resources Research, 54. 

Supporting Citizen Science Within the Delaware River Watershed Initiative Cluster Team

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The Stroud Center is working to expand and encourage higher-quality citizen-science monitoring and volunteer participation in the Delaware River Initiative cluster of streams.

Scientific Software Integration (SSI): The Community-Driven BiG CZ Software System for Integration and Analysis of Bio and Geoscience Data in the Critical Zone

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The goal of this project is to develop a web-based integration and visualization environment for joint analysis of cross-scale bio and geoscience processes in the Critical Zone, spanning experimental and observational designs.

Model My Watershed — Delaware River Basin

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This project expands the Model My Watershed® application to the entire Delaware River Basin and supports restoration efforts funded by the William Penn Foundation.

Integrated Data Management System for Critical Zone Observatories

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The objective of the project is to develop a comprehensive, integrated data management system for the Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) program, called CZOData.

Installation and Maintenance Services for Two Wireless Stream Monitoring Stations Measuring Conductivity, Temperature, Depth, and Turbidity for London Grove Township, Pa.

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Staff installed and maintained two real-time stations for monitoring water quality in a tributary of the East Branch of White Clay Creek to measure stream water level, temperature, specific conductivity, and turbidity in the creek.

Improving Stream Water Quality and Reducing Runoff by Improving Farm Soil Health Through Permanent Cover Cropping

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Scientists are studying how soil structure and soil ecosystem health improve farm fields over a three-year period after shifting from conventional tillage practices to cover cropping.

Brandywine Stream Stewards: Community Action in Support of Healthy Waters

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The Stream Stewards Program, centered on 1,100 acres of open space in the First State National Historical Park, engages the community and targets youth from Wilmington in a sustainable citizen-science program.

Physical, Chemical, and Biological Assessment of Streams and Rivers in Bhutan and Bangladesh

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Scientists continue to evaluate the water quality of streams and rivers flowing through the major districts of Paro, Thimphu, and Punakha in Bhutan, as well as the Sreemangal and Dholubari Tripura Para areas of Bangladesh.