Girls-in-STEM Education Programs Fund

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

Following the success of the first Trout Unlimited (TU) STREAM Girls program in southeast Pennsylvania co-led by Stroud Water Research Center and the Valley Forge Chapter of TU, the Orvis Downingtown Retail Store raised funds to help create the Girls-in-STEM Education Programs Fund. This account supports future STREAM Girls programming by the Stroud Center in partnership with local TU chapters, as well as other environmental science, technology, engineering, and math (E-STEM) programs that bring the importance of fresh water, outdoor aquatic recreation, and related careers to local K-12 girls.

Importantly, the fund helps the Stroud Center reach girls whose families lack the financial means to participate in E-STEM education. The fund has grown through a significant donation from an education staff member’s family member, who recalls breaking through gender barriers in her own career. Future donations will continue to support this dedicated effort to engage, educate, and empower local girls.

Funded by: Orvis Downingtown Retail Store

Project Leads: Mandy Nix and Steven C. Kerlin

Collaborator: Tara K. Muenz

Project Year: 2019