The larvae of Eastern North American Eurylophella Tiensuu (Ephemeroptera: Ephemerellidae)

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Funk, D.H., and B.W. Sweeney. 1994. Transactions of the American Entomological Society 120(3):209–286.


Fourteen species of Eurylophella are recognized in eastern North America based primarily on morphology of full-grown larvae and allozyme frequencies in imagos. Eurylophella temporalis (McDunnough) and E. verisimilis (McDunnough) are redefined and two species that had previously been synonymized, E. bicoloroides (McDunnough) and E. doris (Traver), are reinstated. Three species are described as new: E. enoensis Funk, E. poconoensis Funk, and E. macdunnoughi Funk. Four species groups are defined on the basis of morphological characters in the larvae: the temporalis group, including E. doris (Traver), E. poconoensis Funk, E. prudentalis (McD.) and E. temporalis (McD.); the lutulenta group, including E. aestiva (McD.), E. enoensis Funk and E. lutulenta (Clemens); the funeralis group, including only E. funeralis (McD.); the bicolor group, including E. bicolor (Clemens), E. bicoloroides (McD.), E. macdunnoughi Funk, E. minimella (McD.) and E. verisimilis (McD.). Eurylophella coxalis (McD.), whose larva is unknown, is unassigned to group. A morphological key is provided for full-grown larvae.