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Our efforts at Stroud™ Water Research Center require intellectual curiosity, a systematic and rigorous approach to scientific research, and the drive to answer a series of challenging questions about freshwater ecosystems. The answers to these questions may take decades to fully understand, but it is critical that we persist, as they have the power to influence others in ways that positively affect the world’s finite supply of clean fresh water.

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Recent Publications

Arsenic and mercury distribution in an aquatic food chain: importance of femtoplankton and picoplankton filtration fractions

Alowaifeer, A.M., S. Clingenpeel, J. Kan, P.E. Bigelow, M. Yoshinaga, B. Bothner, and T.R. McDermott. 2023. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 42(1): 225–241.

Saturated, suffocated, and salty: human legacies produce hot spots of nitrogen in riparian zones

Inamdar, S.P., E.K. Peck, M. Peipoch, A.J. Gold, 2022. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences 127 (12): e2022JG007138.

Deciphering the diversity and distribution of chromophytic phytoplankton in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea via RuBisCO genes (rbcL)

Pujariabe, L., J. Kan, Y. Xin, G. Zhang, M.A. Noman, S. Nilajkar, and J. Sun. 2022. Marine Pollution Bulletin 184: 114193.

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Freshwater Research News

A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.
Fish Ecologist and Geneticist Joins the Stroud Center
Eldridge’s research is concerned with understanding and conserving the genetic diversity that is necessary for fish to adapt to changing environments.
Taking Stock of New York City’s Drinking Water
Taking Stock of New York City’s Drinking Water
On May 15th 2008, the New York Academy of Sciences will host an event to address the impact of the 1997 NYC Watershed Memorandum of Agreement.
A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.
Probe: Pharmaceuticals In Drinking Water
The Stroud Water Research Center, in Avondale, Pa., has measured water samples from New York City's upstate watershed for caffeine, a common contaminant that scientists often look for as a
Stroud Center Celebrates Milestone Anniversary
Stroud Center Celebrates Milestone Anniversary
For 40 years, Stroud Water Research Center has worked to discover ways to preserve, restore, and protect fresh water for the planet.
Peru Project Site Map
Journey to Peru
An account of three weeks in the Amazon headwaters, studying the Madre de Dios River and its tributaries under a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.
Tioga County EPA Grant to Study Effects of Acid Mine Drainage
Tioga County EPA Grant to Study Effects of Acid Mine Drainage
Stroud Center scientists will investigate the relationship between acid mine drainage and the ability of streams to process nitrogen and other nutrients.