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David Arscott and Rafa Morales stand in a stream in Costa Rica.

Tropical Research Reveals Climate Change Impacts on Water Quality

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Stroud Center scientists continue to investigate how climate change influences tropical species and ecosystem dynamics.

A kayaker on a river with trees on both banks.

Otter Creek Chemical Spill: Stroud Center Statement

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In times of crisis, we are reminded of what’s most important. The chemical spill into Otter Creek reminds us of our dependence on rivers and streams.

Rachel Johnson and Dave Arscott at the Watershed Heroes event.

Stronger Together: A Nonprofit Partnership Raises Road Salt Awareness

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Stroud Water Research Center is honored to have received the Watershed Heroes Nonprofit Steward award from Tookany/Tacony-Frankford Watershed Partnership.

Delaware River Watershed Initiative — Phase II Monitoring, Evaluation, Scientific Support, and Capacity Building for Watershed Protection and Restoration Projects

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This project collects and interprets data on macroinvertebrate specimens from stream sites to provide a baseline for the evaluation of goals defined for restoration and protection projects funded by the…

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Pollution Assessment: Stage 1

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The Delaware River Watershed Initiative pollution assessment will estimate progress to protect and restore water quality in targeted geographies. In this study, researchers utilize water quality modeling tools to estimate…

Stroud EnviroDIY Monitoring Stations in Red Clay Creek

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This project built and deployed two water monitoring sensor stations in tributaries of Red Clay Creek and provided maintenance support and educational/technical assistance for staff at The Land Conservancy for…

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Circuit Rider for Technical Assistance to Grantees

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This project provides technical assistance to grantees of the William Penn Foundation and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to develop and implement watershed restoration efforts and grants to monitor the impact of projects implemented in the Delaware River Watershed Initiative clusters.

Delaware River Watershed Initiative Community Science Phase II

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This project engages watershed residents to be active participants in efforts to document conditions across the focus areas of the Delaware River Watershed Initiative. Work includes efforts to support monitoring,…

Modeling Land Protection Impact Assessment for the Open Space Institute

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This project uses Model My Watershed to communicate the value of forest protection by estimating its impact on water quality. Funded by: Open Space Institute and William Penn Foundation Project…

A purple martin with a large dragonfly in its beak.

Follow the Martin! Migration Sensor Network Tracks Bird From Our Backyard to Central America

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When wildlife-tracking telemetry towers were installed in Pennsylvania and Costa Rica, a purple martin reminded us of the connections between the temperate and tropical watersheds we study.