Water Quality Analysis of Costa Rica’s Rio Sierpe and Its Tributaries

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Stroud Water Research Center scientists conducted a planning expedition to the Rio Sierpe in Costa Rica to assess water and habitat quality, determine the feasibility of establishing a multi-year monitoring program, and establish working relationships with local individuals and organizations invested in the water quality of the river and its tributaries. We designed a monitoring program to provide a baseline of data on human land-use impacts, evaluate ecosystem services, and set conservation targets and guidelines. This project will ultimately lead to a management plan for the watershed and a model for conservation in other tropical watersheds.

Funded by: Blue Moon Fund

Principal Investigator: Bernard W. Sweeney

Collaborators: William H. Eldridge, Dave B. Arscott, and Anthony Aufdenkampe (Stroud Water Research Center), Wills Flowers (Florida A&M University)

Project Year: 2009

Related Publication: A preliminary water quality study of the Rio Sierpe and its tributaries (Costa Rica)

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