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Video still from Episode 3 of the WHYY "Stories From the Streams" video series

Stories From the Streams: Stream Fever

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Discover why streams that are too warm endanger the habitats of mayflies and other life sustaining insects. Episode 3 in the “Stories from the Streams” series from WHYY TV12.

Assessment of Environmental Conditions in Bennetts Run at Kendal-Crosslands Based on Physical, Chemical, Macroinvertebrate, and Fish Monitoring

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Bennetts Run is a small tributary to Brandywine Creek in southern Chester County, Pennsylvania, including portions of Kendal-Crosslands Communities and Longwood Gardens. This study focuses on more upstream segments, using water…

Fish of the Río Rincón, Costa Rica

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Researchers from the Stroud Center visited the Río Rincón on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica to scope out potential sites for an upcoming survey of the physical, chemical, and biological status of streams and rivers of the Osa Peninsula.

Water Science Careers: Fisheries and Microbiology

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Laura Borecki Zgleszewski describes her work in the Fish Ecology and Microbiology groups at Stroud™ Water Research Center.

Delaware River Watershed Initiative — Monitoring, Evaluation, Scientific Support, and Capacity Building for Watershed Protection and Restoration Projects — Entomological and Fish Collections

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This project collected and interpreted data on macroinvertebrate specimens from 38 stream sites to provide a baseline for restoration projects funded by the William Penn Foundation in its efforts to…

Long-Term Research in Environmental Biology: White Clay Creek, Pennsylvania

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A study of a third order drainage basin in Pennsylvania, examining stream and watershed characteristics associated with riparian zone restoration and reforestation.

Laura Zgleszewski

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Research Technician

Headshot photo of David Arscott, Ph.D.

David Arscott, Ph.D.

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Executive Director, President

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Fish growth, physiological stress, and tissue condition in response to rate or temperature change during cool or warm diel thermal cycles

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Eldridge, W.H., B.W. Sweeney, and J.M.Law. 2015. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Science 72(10):1527-1537.

Sharing Our Science: Spring 2014

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Stroud Center Tackles Watershed Restoration; Getting to Know Rock Snot; Something Smells Fishy.

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