Laura Zgleszewski

500 500 Stroud Water Research Center

Research Technician

Fish Ecology Group

Microbiology Group


tel. 610-268-2153, ext. 275
970 Spencer Road, Avondale, PA 19311

Interests and Expertise

Laura is the lab manager for the Fish Molecular Ecology Section. She is responsible for general laboratory operation and maintenance of equipment. She assists in maintenance of aquaria and care of live animals for use in experiments. Laura’s laboratory activities include spectrophotometric assays, DNA extraction, PCR, electrophoresis and preparation of samples for sequencing and genotyping. She also participates in field sampling.


  • M.S. in Marine Biology, College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina.
  • B.S. in Marine Science and French, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida.


Bacterial communities and nitrogen transformation genes in streambank legacy sediments and implications for biogeochemical processing

Sienkiewicz, N., R.L. Bier, J. Wang, L. Zgleszewski, A. Lutgen, G. Jiang, K. Mattern, S. Inamdar, and J. Kan. 2020. Biogeochemistry 148:271–290.

A snapshot on spatial and vertical distribution of bacterial communities in the Eastern Indian Ocean

Wang, J., L. Borecki, X. Zhang, D. Wang, J. Kan, and J. Sun. 2016. Acta Oceanologica Sinica 35:85–93.

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