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River with riparian forest

Protecting Forests, Clean Water Amid Changing Remote-Work Landscape

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To make the case for preserving open space amid the demand for new development, it’s important to measure impact. Now scientists are doing just that.

Members of Mighty Writers—El Futuro look at aquatic insects next to the Watershed Education Mobile Lab.

Watershed on Wheels Makes a Splash at World Water Day Event

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Families, community members, and a group of Mighty Writers gathered to learn about the world’s most precious natural resource — clean fresh water — and how to protect it.

A close view of green-dyed road salt on a walking path in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Who Can You Trust? Stroud Center Scientist Testifies on Threats of Road Salt to Fresh Water

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The invitation came on the heels of the Stroud Center sharing data with the Philadelphia Inquirer underlining the gravity of the road salt crisis as it affects clean fresh water.

Myriah Wadley taking a stream sample.

Where Passion Meets Purpose: Myriah Wadley on Environmental Science and Education

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Wadley is excited to share her passion for the environment with her community through boots-in-the-water educational experiences. “I want learners to feel more connected to the world around them.”

Stroud Water Research Center's Watershed Education Mobile Lab

Greater Philadelphia–Area Families and Community to Celebrate World Water Day, Explore New Watershed Education Mobile Lab

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Connecting with nature is key to democratizing education about freshwater resources and provides important health and educational benefits to developing minds.

Two Harambee Institute students looking at aquatic macroinvertebrates they collected from a stream.

Bridging the Nature Gap: New Partnership Brings City Kids to the Great Outdoors

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“The kids came back super geeked over just being out in nature and connecting with a waterway, and in their words, ‘We got to touch critters!’”

Greg Wilson with a small fish in a net.

In Memoriam: Greg Wilson

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It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our friend Greg Wilson, a force for good in the restoration of Lancaster County’s freshwater streams.

Betsy and Steve Kerlin and sons in a forest.

Between Two Worlds, Betsy Kerlin Shares Her Dual Perspective as a Suburbanite and Nature Lover

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Growing up with one foot in the natural world and another in one constructed by humans, Kerlin learned the importance of having access to protected forests, wetlands, and streams.

Mike Brubaker in a field at Brubaker Farms.

Brubaker Farms, a Stroud Center Partner, Wins Leopold Conservation Award

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The Stroud Center worked with the Brubakers on measures to protect water quality, including manure management, fencing cows out of Donegal Creek, and planting streamside forest buffers.

A deicer truck spreading brine on an Oregon highway.

The Trouble With Road Salt

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Take a look at the effects of road salt on our streams and rivers and learn how volunteers and organizations are working to monitor what’s happening to their freshwater resources.