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Evaluating water quality for Amazonian streams along the Interoceanic Highway in Peru using macroinvertebrates collected by hand and with leaf packs

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Sweeney, B.W., J.M. Battle, D.H. Funk, R.W. Flowers, T. Gonzales Ojeda, A. Huamantinco, J.K. Jackson, and M. Arnold. 2020. Limnologica 81, 125759.

Students counting E. coli colonies in a water sample

The Independence School Students Learn Freshwater Science Through STEM Partnership

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“Our students have learned not only how to make contributions to a global community of researchers but have been empowered by sharing their own data with the world.”

Model My Watershed modeling results for Brandywine Creek.

Webinar: WikiWatershed Toolkit and NGSS

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This webinar will demonstrate the WikiWatershed toolkit and describe ways that it can be used to support NGSS-ESS implementation.

Isopoda (aquatic sowbugs)

Test Your Skills With the #MysteryMacro Quiz

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Want a fun way to learn about freshwater macroinvertebrates? Check out the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission #MysteryMacro quiz featuring photos by Dave Funk.

Stroud Center educators visiting Lamotte Company.

Stroud Center Educators Visit the Lamotte Company

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Our educators visited the Lamotte Company recently to discuss our product line and our partnership. Lamotte sells a few of our education products including the Leaf Pack Experiment Stream Ecology Kit.

Free Webinars: Introduction to the Leaf Pack Network

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Whether you’re a seasoned Leaf Packer or new to the Leaf Pack Network, join Tara Muenz, Leaf Pack Administrator, for a 30-minute walkthrough as she covers all the basics of how to get started and answers those questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Hosted by Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators.

Four people sampling Tonquish Creek in Michigan.

Leaf Pack Coming to Michigan!

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Spend the day with us at Tonquish Creek, a small tributary of the Rouge River Watershed. You’ll touch slimy leaves and rocks, learning about Leaf Pack methods and how aquatic macroinvertebrates tell us the story about stream health.

Natural leaf pack photo by Christina Medved.

Do You Know What a Leaf Pack Is?

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Since the 1970s, Stroud™ Water Research Center scientists have used leaf packs to better understand stream ecosystems from Pennsylvania to Peru and beyond.

Natural leaf pack photo by Christina Medved.

Slimy Leaves for Healthy Streams: A Training in the Leaf Pack Network

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Participants will receive an overview of stream ecology and watershed concepts based on research done at the Stroud Center. Taking our boots to the stream, we’ll experience hands-on examination of leaf packs with live aquatic macroinvertebrates, including their identification, and take a look at the Leaf Pack Network® website.

People being trained to identify aquatic macroinvertebrates.

Global Impact: Preserving and Conserving Fresh Water Around the World

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Stroud™ Water Research Center scientists and educators are advancing knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems on five continents.