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Six women from the Stroud Center participate in a bioblitz.

Sharing Our Science: Summer 2014

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Stroud Center Scientists Attend International Conferences; Leaf Pack Network Science Hits the Road; 24 Hours, 55 Volunteers, 807 Species; Walking the Walk at Spring Creek Farms Field Day; Cultivating the Next Generation of Scientists.

Q3ESTRELLAS site, Peru Project.

Los biólogos realizan experimentos para evaluar la salud de los arroyos del Perú

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El Centro Amazónico de Educación Ambiental e Investigación (ACEER) y el Centro de Investigación del Agua Stroud presentarán seminarios para el público.

Fracking truck

UpStream Newsletter, December 2013

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Low Levels of Fracking Wastewater Highly Toxic to Mayflies: Stroud Center scientists find mayflies, whose presence indicates good water quality, are significantly affected by low levels of produced water.

Ruth Patrick in a stream holding clumps of aquatic plants.

UpStream Newsletter, October 2013

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Remembering Ruth Patrick: Ruth Patrick, Ph.D., a pioneer in environmental science and aquatic ecology and co-founder of the Stroud Center, died September 23, 2013 at 105 years old.

Two students perform a leaf pack experiment in Oregon.

Leaf Pack Connects Students with Nature

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Stroud Water Research Center partners with National Wildlife Federation to provide classrooms with powerful stream and water testing tool

A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.

Using slimy leaves for stream water quality assessment: the leaf pack experiment

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Medved, C. 2013. Water Resources IMPACT, 15(4):17-20.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Slimy leaves for clean streams: the leaf pack experiment

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Medved, C., B.W. Sweeney, J.G. Blaine. 2012. Pages 56–57 in Interpretive Sourcebook: 2012 NAI National Workshop, Hampton, Virginia.

The exterior of the Moorhead Environmental Complex at dusk.

UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2012

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The Moorhead Environmental Complex — Sharing Stroud Science Starts Here: The board of directors cut the ribbon on a new building for environmental education and public outreach that models sustainable practices for managing water.

UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2011

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Gone Fishin’ — Evaluating the Threat of Agricultural Contaminants in the Río Sierpe: Stroud Center scientists worked in Costa Rican watersheds to identify contaminants as well as contaminated species that threaten humans who consume them.

Fly River in Papua New Guinea.

UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2011

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Two weeks into their work in Papua New Guinea, Dr. Anthony Aufdenkampe and his colleagues had already surveyed more than 600 miles of remote jungle rivers.