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“Healthy Soils, Healthy Streams” Training and Technical Assistance

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This collection of projects includes training, planning, and technology conversion assistance to farmers as they prioritize soil health thereby protecting water on their lands. Training sessions by the Pa. No-Till…

Support for a Coalition on Soil Health in Pennsylvania

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This project establishes the Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition to improve communication and coordination among numerous organizations involved with soil health education, implementation, and research. Coalition member organizations will conduct educational…

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Agricultural soil microbiomes differentiate in soil profiles with fertility source, tillage, and cover crops

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Bier, R.L., M. Daniels, D. Oviedo-Vargas, M. Peipoch, J.R. Price, E. Omondi, A. Smith, and J. Kan. 2024. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, early online access.

A group of scientist set up the canopy and water supply for a rainfall simulation experiment.

Make It Rain, Make It Rain

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Why do scientists simulate rainfall for stormwater sampling? Find out from Senior Research Scientist Melinda Daniels, Ph.D.

An aerial view of cover crops by Edwin Remsberg and USDA-SARE.

Amazon Web Services Supports Watershed Restoration on Farms Outside Washington, D.C.

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The Stroud Center’s science-based approach to protecting fresh water will soon make an impact on farms near D.C., aiming to recharge about 67 million gallons of clean water per year.

Max Stoner and Don Ace in the community garden at their retirement community.

Learning Something New Never Gets Old

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At ages 100 and 80, two retirees plant their first cover crop and build soil health in their retirement community garden.

A drone spreading soybean seeds that will grow into a cover crop.

Farming With Drones?

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Farmers joined us for a demonstration of a drone spreading soybean seeds for a cover crop that builds soil health and protects water quality.

Mitigating Agricultural Pollution of Fresh Water and Combating Climate Change by Restoring Soil Health

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Plowing, disking, synthetic fertilizers, and pesticides have damaged the health of agricultural soils, resulting in reduced rainfall infiltration and storage, increased stormwater and pollutant runoff, degraded streams, and contaminated groundwater.…

Impact of Land Management of Practices on Winter Squash Yield and Post-Harvest Nutrient Density

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By examining the bacteria, Archaea, and fungi living in soils, this project will provide insights on how farming practices and land management affect the microbes that make soils healthy. This…