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Photo of rolled bales of hemp in a foggy field.

What Do Hemp Fiber, Soil Health, and Water Quality Have in Common?

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Stroud Water Research Center has launched a collaborative project to study the cultivation, soil health and environmental impact, and manufacturing of industrial hemp fiber.

Focusing on Farms to Safeguard the Delaware River

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An article in Edible Philly dives into the effort to protect and restore clean water in the Delaware River watershed by working with farmers.

Soil Health Movement Is Reducing Water Pollution and Farmers’ Costs

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“We really want to try to help the scientific community understand what the impact of healthier soils is on delivery of pollutants to waterways.”

Illustration with a farm in the distance and healthy soil with organisms in the foreground

Talking Soil Health on Public Radio

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Healthy soils can reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff, and increase stormwater infiltration, reduce stream flooding, and improve groundwater base flows.

Farmer showing health soil in a field

Smart Talk About Soil Health

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Join the conversation as WITF “Smart Talk” host Scott LaMar talks with Lisa Blazure, Stroud Water Research Center soil health coordinator, and two Lancaster County farmers about the numerous benefits of improving agricultural soil health.

[WEBINAR SERIES] No-Till and Cover Crop Implementation Online Education Program

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We are inviting public, private, and non-profit agricultural service providers to participate in a five-part, interactive, webinar training series emphasizing no-till and cover crop implementation that will train agricultural service providers to better support farmers who are preparing for and implementing in-field soil health practices.

Reducing Crop Loss, Saving Money and Time, and Stewarding Your Land

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Farms that have whole-farm financial and yield analyses completed often find that cropping marginal land costs more money than it produces.

Meet Lisa Blazure, Soil Health Coordinator

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Blazure brings to Stroud Water Research Center a deep understanding of how improving agricultural soil health can result in healthier streams.

Improving Soil Health for Climate Change Resiliency

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Jim Harbach has practiced no-till farming for 30 years and has documented how his soils can better withstand the extreme weather swings associated with climate change.

Mimicking Mother Nature to Protect Clean Water

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Stroud Center scientists are pioneering a scientifically valid way to simulate rain to study the links between farming practices and healthy streams.