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UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2008
UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2008
Each of us affects the quality of our drinking water — and there’s a lot we can do as individuals to protect it from harmful contaminants and pollutants.
Spanish Leaf Pack Workshop participants identifying stream insects.
Five Days + Seventeen People = A World of Promise
The Stroud Center gained invaluable insights into ways to improve and adapt our popular Leaf Pack Kit for use in Spanish-speaking countries and the tropics.
Willy Eldridge with a bronze fish sculpture.
UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2008
Willy Eldridge recently joined the Stroud™ Water Research Center to launch its Fish Molecular Ecology Department.
Spanish Leaf Pack Workshop participants collecting stream insects.
Spanish-Language Leaf Pack Experiment Kit: Fall Workshop Will Kick Off Pilot Program
Being able to reach out to 500 million Spanish speakers around the world will do a lot to promote a freshwater stewardship movement across many borders.
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2008
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2008
A documentary film chronicles how students rowed, paddled, and across the watersheds that provide nine million New Yorkers with drinking water.
Sunset over Río Madre de Dios, Peru.
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2007
Last summer, Stroud Center scientists and educators traveled to Peru and sampled 31 stream and river sites that ranged from pristine to severely polluted.
Bern Sweeney and Jamie Blaine sampling a stream in Peru.
UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2006
10 scientists and two educators are braving the wild tributaries of the Amazon to study over 20 research sites in the Madre de Dios watershed.
A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.
UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2005
The rivers of South America’s Amazon basin are “breathing” far harder — cycling the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide more quickly — than anyone realized.
In memoriam: W. B. Dixon Stroud
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2005
W. B. Dixon Stroud has left a remarkable impact on southern Chester County, his home for the past 50 years, and beyond.
Graphic of the Amazon River basin.
UpStream Newsletter, Summer 2004
A National Science Foundation grant for a study in the Amazon could help unravel the mystery of the missing carbon sink.
City of New York water supply sign.
UpStream Newsletter, Fall 2003
As the second stage of the New York Project begins, “nutrient spiraling” and “rates of production” are the talk of the water science community.
A Costa Rican stream.
UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2003
The United Nations has declared 2003 the International Year of Fresh Water to galvanize action on one of the world’s most urgent crises.