The Intersection of Science and Policy for Clean Water and a Healthy Delaware River

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The Delaware River has made significant improvements in water quality and health from the 1950s when it had numerous dead zones, unable to support fish or other wildlife. Thanks to efforts from watershed partners throughout the region, the Delaware River is now a thriving river. It remains the longest free-flowing river in the eastern U.S., with the most extensive National Wild and Scenic protection of any watershed in the country.

In this first episode in a four-part webinar series, Dave Arscott, president of Stroud Water Research Center, and Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers, introduced the 2020 River of the Year, Delaware River. This webinar explains how science helps to guide policy to ensure the health of our freshwater systems, and features Ted Illston, senior director of policy and government relations at American Rivers, and John Jackson, senior research scientist at the Stroud Center. See the press release for the webinar schedule.

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Recording of all episodes in the four-part series will be archived on the press release page announcing the series.