Water Science Careers: Systems Administration and Education

1000 563 Stroud Water Research Center

Libby Gregg describes her works as computer systems administrator and environmental educator at Stroud Water Research Center.


My name is Libby Gregg and I have two job titles. I am the computer systems administrator and I’m an environmental educator.

I don’t really collect data, but I am the person that’s responsible for maintaining the systems that hold all the data that all the other scientists collect. And then as an environmental educator, I’m taking schoolchildren through stream ecology programs. Some days I’m teaching in the morning and I’m doing IT support in the afternoon.

I started my career with just a general business degree. For the environmental education, I got a bachelor’s degree in agriculture with a minor in wildlife conservation. I went back to school part time for 10 years and got my degree and came to Stroud. I actually worked at Stroud because they needed a part-time computer person, so it was a great match. I was able to get my degree, help them – it was sort of a win-win situation.

I think that computers have the processing ability to take all the data that we’re collecting, and make it meaningful. I love being able to be out in the stream with children, showing them the cool things that live in the stream, and what it means for the health of the stream overall.