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Ecosystem-based management for military training, biodiversity, carbon storage, and climate resiliency on a complex coastal land/water-scape

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Christensen, N.L., P.A. Cunningham, K. Matthews, I.C. Anderson, M.J. Brush, S. Cohen, C.A. Currin, S. Ensign et al. 2020. Journal of Environmental Management 280: 111755.

A modeling scenario forecasting Delaware River Basin stream health at the end of the 21st century.

Peering at the Future of Stream Water Quality Through a (Very Hazy) Crystal Ball

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The crystal ball we’re using is a web app that models how water, sediment, nitrogen, and phosphorus move across and underneath the earth’s surface.

Bud Miller with his young riparian buffer, showing abundant growth of trees and wildflowers.

A Family’s Restoration Adventure, Four Years In

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In 2017, Bud and Marilyn Miller were the proud overseers of a new riparian buffer. Since then, a beautiful transformation has unfolded on their property.

Dave Montgomery collecting a water sample from White Clay Creek during Hurricane Isaias.

Your Support is Essential to Our Work

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By not having any in-person programs and workshops, we’ve been severely limited in our revenue intake, so your support this year is truly crucial.

Photo of Chief Quiet Thunder outdoors with a display of Lenni Lenape items.

A Living Legacy: Stroud Water Research Center Celebrates the Life of Chief Quiet Thunder

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His boundless legacy and life’s work honoring indigenous peoples, humanity, and the earth will inspire us all for generations to come.

Video still showing masked students performing stream water chemistry tests.

Grateful, Even in This Difficult Year

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Having you as a Friend of Stroud Water Research Center means more to us this year than you can possibly know.

View of Creek Critter book pages with award finalist logo.

Creek Critters a Finalist for Excellence in Hands-On Science Book Award

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The AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize for Excellence in Science Books celebrates outstanding science writing and illustration for children and young adults.

Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition logo

Pennsylvania Establishes a Soil Health Coalition

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Healthy soils are a win for the farmers, a win for the environment, and a win for society, with the ability to grow healthy foods in a more sustainable way.

Modeling Land Protection Impact Assessment for the Open Space Institute

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This project uses Model My Watershed to estimate water quality benefits of forest land protection. The overall objectives of this work product are to provide information that communicates the impact…