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DNB First Renews Its EITC Support

800 535 Stroud Water Research Center

Paul E. Hostler Jr., Assistant Vice President (center), presents DNB First’s EITC donation to David Arscott, President and Executive Director (left) and Steve Kerlin, Director of Education (right)

Paul E. Hostler Jr., Assistant Vice President, DNB First, visited Stroud Water Research Center early in the new year to renew the company’s support of our education programs through the Pennsylvania Education Improvement Tax Credits (EITC) program. The EITC program allows Pennsylvania-based businesses to receive generous tax credits by contributing to qualified educational organizations.

DNB First’s support will allow the Stroud Center to make its school programs, field trips, and professional development workshops available at no or reduced cost to public school districts whose budgets might not otherwise be able to offer the innovative educational programs in support of their regular curricula.

We are truly grateful for their continued support!

For over 150 years, DNB First has been helping individuals, families, and businesses, reach their financial goals. As the oldest national bank in the Philadelphia region, they’re committed to helping build businesses, dreams, and stronger communities.

About the EITC Program

How EITC Works

  • Businesses apply for the EITC program.
  • Enrolled businesses choose the Stroud Center as an EITC recipient.
  • The Stroud Center provides innovative programs at no or reduced cost to public school districts.

Enroll in the EITC PROGRAM

If you own a Pennsylvania-based business, you can help us reach even more students through the EITC program. For more information about eligibility or to enroll in the program, visit Pennsylvania’s EITC website.

Make the Stroud Center Your EITC Recipient

If you have any questions or if you would like to make the Stroud Center your EITC business recipient, please contact Kristine Lisi, Director of Development, or Steve Kerlin, Director of Education.