Stroud Center Collaborates on New Children’s STEM Picturebook

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Preview image from Creek Critters, an exciting new children’s STEM picturebook.

Do you like scavenger hunts? How can you tell if creek water is clean and healthy? Explore these questions and more in the pages of Creek Critters, an exciting new children’s STEM picturebook!

As a collaborative project between Arbordale Publishing and Stroud Water Research Center’s education department, readers ages 7-11 join Lucas and his sister in a search for “stream bugs,” or aquatic macroinvertebrates. Armed with boots, nets, and buckets like real stream scientists, the siblings turn over rocks, sift through slimy leaves, and meet six-legged friends that need clean water to survive.

“The text is rendered in a large font, good for precocious readers, and the pictures combine painted line drawings of the children and the environment with clear, enlarged images of the invertebrates in question,” writes American book review magazine Kirkus Reviews. “The [back of the book] includes drawings of additional macroinvertebrates, a field-notebook page, a life cycle matching activity, and a link to online quizzes and games … A handy companion for outdoor exploration!”

Preview of the additional activities at the back of the book. This image is from the Spanish version, Animalitos de Arroyo.

Read along to find out if the creek gets a passing grade! Purchase your copy today in Spanish or English. Part of the proceeds benefit the Stroud Center’s boots-in-the-water education programs.