Getting Our Boots Ready for Spring Stream Programs

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Known for boots-in-the-water programs, our education department goes above and beyond to share the latest in global freshwater knowledge with thousands of students each year. This spring we have two open houses scheduled and will be offering free or reduced-priced programs to Pennsylvania public schools. Read on for details!

Winter temperatures make it a bit too cold for getting students out into streams, but that’s when we’re at our busiest. “There’s no down time when it comes to the education department at Stroud Water Research Center,” says Tara Muenz, education programs manager.

“We’re constantly in creative mode to enhance the programs we offer — we create experiences that foster a sense of place, opportunity and freshwater stewardship. And of course, we want our programs to be fun — to provide an experience they won’t forget!”

Stroud educators look forward to seeing you streamside this spring! Left to right: Tara, Kelly, Jennie, Mike, Libby, Sherman, Mike

With our unique laboratories, our LEED Platinum green building that demonstrates best management practices and a nearby Wild and Scenic River, visitors leave with the tools and knowledge they need to care for our waterways.

Memorable Experiences

Stream programs typically range from two to four hours, covering a variety of topics such as aquatic macroinvertebrates (water critters), the Leaf Pack Networkdichotomous keys, Trout Grow on Trees™, stream chemistry and health assessments, environmental leadership, and Water Conservation 101.

We fulfill content needs for school coursework and can tailor our programs for the teachers and students, grades 4 through 12, we serve. We host programs here at Stroud Center, and we can come to your school.

Free Programs

Through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC), we are able to offer programs at free or no cost to Pennsylvania public schools.

Not Sure Where to Begin? Come See Us at an Open House!

We host open houses for teachers, students, scout leaders and parents before Stroud Center lectures. During the open houses our educators are available to answer questions about our stream programs and give tours of our indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) classrooms. Visit the events page to find out when the next lecture is scheduled.

Schedule Your Programs Now!

To learn more or to schedule a program, contact Tara Muenz.