Volunteers Plant 600 Trees for Healthy Streams

800 450 Stroud Water Research Center

Thank you to the many volunteers from the community and the following local businesses that celebrated Earth Week with us by planting trees for healthy streams: Constellation Energy, Dansko, LINKBANK, Resolution Life, SWCA Environmental Consultants, and Sycamore (a sustainable electronics recycling business). 

Throughout the week, our volunteers helped us to flag the site in 15-foot-square centers, laid out the appropriate trees and tubes at each flag, planted 600 trees, put on tree shelters and bird nets, and finally applied stone mulch to each tree tube. The trees were planted along a tributary of Brandywine Creek in Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania. Funding for the project was from a Water and Environment Grant from American Water.

Scroll through the photos to go from before to after! Visit our watershed restoration resources page to learn about tree planting tips, like why we use stone mulch! Interested in volunteering? Sign up today to be notified of upcoming volunteer opportunities.