Jinjun Kan, Ph.D.

500 500 Stroud Water Research Center

Associate Research Scientist

  • Principal Investigator, Microbiology Group
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, University of Pennsylvania
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Delaware

tel. 610-268-2153, ext. 280
970 Spencer Road, Avondale, PA 19311

Interests and Expertise

Environmental microbiology and molecular microbial ecology of aquatic ecosystems, particularly freshwater and estuaries, with focus on algal, bacterial, archaeal, and viral population dynamics, and interactions with local environments, including trophic interactions, nutrient cycling, and biogeochemistry.

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  • Ph.D., Environmental Molecular Microbiology/Biotechnology, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.
  • M.S., Ecology, First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, Qingdao, China.
  • B.S., Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China.

Professional Experience

  • Associate Research Scientist, Stroud Water Research Center, 2017–present.
  • Assistant Research Scientist, Stroud Water Research Center, 2010–2017.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California, 2006–2010.
  • Research Assistant, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute, College Park, Maryland, 2001–2006.
  • Research Assistant, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 1999–2001.


Stream restoration for legacy sediments at Gramies Run, Maryland: early lessons from implementation, water quality monitoring, and soil health

Mattern, K., A. Lutgen, N. Sienkiewicz, G. Jiang , J. Kan, M. Peipoch, and S. Inamdar. 2020. Water 12(8):2164.

Streambank legacy sediment contributions to suspended sediment‐bound nutrient yields from a Mid‐Atlantic, Piedmont watershed

Jiang, G., A. Lutgen, K. Mattern, N. Sienkiewicz, J. Kan, and S. Inamdar. 2020. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, early online access.

Streambank legacy sediments in surface waters: phosphorus sources or sinks?

Inamdar, S., N. Sienkiewicz, A. Lutgen, G. Jiang, and J. Kan. 2020. Soil Systems 4(2):30.

Nutrients and heavy metals in legacy sediments: concentrations, comparisons with upland soils, and implications for water quality

Lutgen A., G. Jiang, N. Sienkiewicz, K. Mattern, J. Kan, and S. Inamdar. 2020. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, early online access.

Bacterial communities and nitrogen transformation genes in streambank legacy sediments and implications for biogeochemical processing

Sienkiewicz, N., R.L. Bier, J. Wang, L. Zgleszewski, A. Lutgen, G. Jiang, K. Mattern, S. Inamdar, and J. Kan. 2020. Biogeochemistry.

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