Brandywine River Trek

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

The Coatesville Youth Initiative Brandywine Trek is a youth leadership and environmental awareness program that combines outdoor learning over five days along the Brandywine River. Trek activities build leadership skills, promote cultural and historical competence, and increase understandings of watershed management and water resource quality related to community impact over time.

Funded by:

  • 2011: Marshall-Reynolds Foundation, Brandywine Health Foundation, and Franny and Franny Abbott
  • 2015–2017: Point Lookout Foundation

Project Leads


  • 2015: Tara K. Muenz; Jarvis Berry (Coatesville Youth Initiative); Sky Prestowitz (UrbanPromise, Wilmington)
  • 2016: Tara K. Muenz and Steven C. Kerlin; Jarvis Berry (Coatesville Youth Initiative); Sky Prestowitz (UrbanPromise, Wilmington)
  • 2017: Tara K. Muenz and Jennifer M.R. Totora; Jarvis Berry (Coatesville Youth Initiative)
  • 2018: Tara K. Muenz and Jarvis Berry (Coatesville Youth Initiative)

Project Years: 2011, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018