Phytoplankton Dynamics at the Brandywine River

800 532 Stroud Water Research Center

Using high-frequency sensors, canoe field trips, and watershed monitoring, our team is trying to understand how much and how fast can algae grow in the water column of the Brandywine River. We are monitoring temperature, dissolved oxygen, nutrient concentrations, and chlorophyll abundance at multiple locations of the Brandywine River to understand how suspended algae respond to stormflow and how much they contribute to the overall ecological function of river ecosystems. A closer look is given to the effects of 12 consecutive dams near the river’s mouth on the growth of suspended algae to predict future changes in the river now that some of them are or will be removed.

Funded by: Stroud Water Research Center

Principal Investigators: Marc Peipoch, Scott Ensign, and Diana Oviedo-Vargas

Project Year(s): 2019