Understanding freshwater resource problems

350 210 Stroud Water Research Center

Daniels, M., M. Caldas, J.H. Stamm, M. Sanderson, J. Bergtold, G. Granco, M. Mather, J. Alstrup, and D. Haukos. 2019. Open Access Government 2:320–321.

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Freshwater resource problems are ubiquitous across the globe despite decades of focused watershed management efforts targeting drinking water treatment, water use efficiency and point-source pollution reductions. Severe challenges remain with respect to more diffuse and less easily treated problems that begin with land use and water use decisions by humans living, working, developing and farming watersheds increasingly altered by anthropogenic climate change. To address today’s freshwater resource problems, we must understand the role of humans in freshwater systems, including their culturally influenced decision-making processes.

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