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2016 Stroud Center interns.

Welcome Summer Interns!

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Stroud Center’s internship program, now in its 44th year, has ushered through hundreds of interns who have come in search of meaningful work.

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Seasonal dynamics of the soil microbial community structure within the proximal area of tree boles: possible influence of stemflow

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Rosier, C.L., D.F. Levia, J.T. Van Stan, A.K. Aufdenkampe, and J. Kan. 2016. European Journal of Soil Biology 73:108–118.

Abigail Thayer with mountains in the background.

2014 REU Participant to Research Climate Change Using Ice Cores

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Abigail Thayer, a Research Experience for Undergraduates participant at the Stroud Center, learned about researching Earth’s Critical Zone.

Group photo of 2015 research experience for undergraduates and teachers program.

Summer Research Program Boosts Confidence, Shapes Careers

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“Hydrosphere! Lithosphere! Atmosphere! Biosphere!” students and teachers shouted during orientation for this summer’s Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) Research Experience for Undergraduates and Teachers (REU/RET). As a means to understand each…

A stream cascade in Lofty Creek, Pennsylvania.

The Role of Critical Zone Observatories in Critical Zone Science

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White, T., S. Brantley, S. Banwart, J. Chorover, W. Dietrich, L. Derry, K. Lohse, S. Anderson, A. Aufdenkampe, R. Bales, P. Kumar, D. Richter, and B. McDowell. 2015. Pages 15–17 in J.R. Giardino and C. Houser (editors). Developments in earth surface processes, volume 19: principles and dynamics of the Critical Zone. Elsevier, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Collaborative CZO Research: The Role of Metals in Nitrogen Cycling of Soils and Streams

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A collaboration with researchers at Princeton University will leverage the exceptional sensor and geochemistry data from our Critical Zone Observatory project developed by Stroud Water Research Center scientists to explore…

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Parent material and vegetation influence bacterial community structure and nitrogen functional genes along deep tropical soil profiles at the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory

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Stone, M.M., J. Kan, and A.F. Plante. 2015. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 80:273–282.

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Forest canopy structural controls over throughfall affect soil microbial community structure in an epiphyte-laden maritime oak stand

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Rosier, C., J. van Stan, L. Moore, J. Schrom, T. Wu, J. Reichard, and J. Kan. 2015. Ecohydrology 8:1459–1470.

Six women from the Stroud Center participate in a bioblitz.

Sharing Our Science: Summer 2014

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Stroud Center Scientists Attend International Conferences; Leaf Pack Network Science Hits the Road; 24 Hours, 55 Volunteers, 807 Species; Walking the Walk at Spring Creek Farms Field Day; Cultivating the Next Generation of Scientists.

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Coupled geochemical and biogeochemical characterization of dissolved organic matter from a headwater stream

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Sleighter, R.L., R.M. Cory, L.A. Kaplan, H.A.N. Abdulla, and P.G. Hatcher. 2014. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeochemistry 119(8):1520–1537.