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Road Salt

Graph of conductivity rise in Brandywine Creek from salt load washing.

Clean Water Webinar: Salt in the Water, Action on the Ground

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Learn how excessive salt affects life in freshwater streams and how a local community group is raising awareness and changing behavior around salt.

Video still from Episode 5 of the WHYY "Stories From the Streams" video series

Stories From the Streams: Salty Streams

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How salty is too salty? Road salt keeps travelers safe in winter but can pose a serious threat to nearby streams. Episode 5 in the “Stories from the Streams” series from WHYY TV12.

Black and white photograph of a car near an icy road

Salting for Safety is Taking a Toll

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In some areas, salt is necessary for safe winter driving and walking. But we have to decide how much is too much and what price we are paying for it.

Publication title with image of a mayfly

Temperature affects acute mayfly responses to elevated salinity: implications for toxicity of road de-icing salts

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Jackson, J.K., and D.H. Funk. 2018. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 374(1764).

Stroud Science on NPR: Road Salt Boosts Safety But Threatens Fresh Water

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When StateImpact Pennsylvania wanted to understand how our addiction to road salt is impacting the environment, they came to Stroud Water Research Center.

Graphs showing conductivity trends in streams in winter and summer

EnviroDIY Sensors Track Road Salt Levels in Streams

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During thaws and rain events, road salt is carried into streams where it can have chronic and sometimes acute effects on biological communities.

Salt truck applying road salt on city streets.

Salty Roads, Salty Rivers

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Salt helps keep winter roads safe. But when snow melts, the salt runs off pavement and can end up in waterways.

Graph of conductivity rise in Brandywine Creek from salt load washing.

Freshwater Sources Less “Fresh” from Greater Salt Use, Scientists Say

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Fresh groundwater, where some drinking water comes from, recharges streams. Scientists are concerned about early signs that groundwater sources are getting saltier.

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