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Streamside Forests

A group of volunteers with shovels at a tree planting event.

Stroud Center Celebrates Riparian Buffer Month by Planting Trees

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The planting will help to buffer a small stream from nearby barnyard activity and provide data about the growth rates of trees using two different types of tree stakes.

Roger Rohrer points out a planting of switchgrass on a steep section of his farm.

One Farmer’s Journey to Planting a Better Buffer

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It’s not just one practice that can clean up a stream, but a lot of practices. And it’s not just one farmer; it takes every farmer along a stream to get it clean and keep it clean.

John Young and Lamonte Garber take stock of a three-acre riparian buffer planted on the Young farm.

A Riparian Buffer Takes Root in Lancaster County

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Maintenance is critical to the survival of riparian buffers. We visited John Young on a buffer maintenance day, checking in on the trees, the weeds, and the birds.

A woman carries tree shelters as she helps maintain a streamside forest buffer.

Doing Good Better: Refining Buffer Restoration Methods

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The goal of improving the survival and growth of trees has persisted through decades of research. Yet, with every new advance, new questions arise.

Brian and Lynette Saunder at the fence that keeps their cattle away from the newly planted buffer.

Lancaster Farm Buffers Its Effect on Chesapeake Bay

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“God blessed us with this land, and we want to do our little part in conserving it and just making it a better place for everyone,” Lynette Sauder said.

A boy carries a tree tube used to shelter a native tree in a streamside forest planting.

Earth Week Volunteers Give Streamside Forest a Helping Hand

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Stroud Water Research Center wrapped up Earth Week by revisiting two streamside tree plantings for spring maintenance.

The Riparian Buffer Arboretum showcases woody species that are proven performers for floodplains.

Tour Our Riparian Buffer Mini-Arboretum

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In the interest of testing new plants that could further enhance riparian areas, we’ve planted a mini-arboretum along the banks of White Clay Creek in our experimental watershed.

Bud Miller with his young riparian buffer, showing abundant growth of trees and wildflowers.

A Family’s Restoration Adventure, Four Years In

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In 2017, Bud and Marilyn Miller were the proud overseers of a new riparian buffer. Since then, a beautiful transformation has unfolded on their property.

Restoring the River Continuum Community

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We’re working with partners and land users to implement natural solutions to regenerate soils and safeguard fresh water, solutions that benefit both human communities and the entire ecosystem.

Volunteers Help Plant Trees for Healthy Streams

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The trees will help restore stream banks, create habitat corridors, and mitigate runoff from a nearby road.