Your Livable Landscape

You Can Make A Difference With Your Landscape Choices

Are you a landowner? Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint?

Scientists and educators at Stroud Water Research Center and Longwood Gardens and colleagues including landscape professionals, a civil engineer, and an architect want to show you how your landscape can be a thing of beauty and make a difference.

The learning path to a livable landscape

These are the key concepts we will present to you:

So ... how do I use this website?

Each short page will introduce a topic. After reading the page you will see a “big idea” box— this holds the important idea we hope you will take with you.

In the idea box we will pose a question. Follow the link to the next page to learn the answer. You may check your progress on the learning path at the bottom of each page. You may also use the path icons to navigate through the pages.

Once you’ve learned why your landscape choices are so important, you will find out how to make a difference in your own garden. And you’ll visit a photo gallery with beautiful examples of livable landscapes.

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