Watershed Restoration Group

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The Watershed Restoration Group engages the public in freshwater stewardship and watershed restoration by helping landowners implement best management practices and plant streamside forest buffers. We link research, education, and action on the ground to manage our most precious resource — fresh water.

Watershed Restoration Staff

Photo of Lisa Blazure

Lisa Blazure

Soil Health Coordinator
Rebecca Duczkowski

Rebecca Duczkowski

Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Watershed Restoration Assistant
Matthew Ehrhart

Matthew Ehrhart

Director of Watershed Restoration
Lamonte Garber

Lamonte Garber

Watershed Restoration Coordinator
Headshot of David Wise.

David Wise

Watershed Restoration Manager
Calen Wylie

Calen Wylie

Watershed Restoration Program Assistant

Watershed Restoration News

Service Providers Needed for Forested Buffer Installation and Maintenance
Service Providers Needed for Forested Buffer Installation and Maintenance
Stroud Water Research Center requires assistance for the installation and maintenance of forested buffers in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
A corn field interseeded with a crimson clover and ryegrass cover crop.
Cover Crop Coaching Webinar Recordings Available
Watch recordings of this unique webinar series about how to work with your farmers for cover crop success.
Spring growth of a ryegrass cover crop in a field, farmhouse and farm in the distance.
Expanding Watershed Restoration Beyond the Stream Corridor
Healthy streams need healthy watersheds. Improving soil health in farm fields can be a very cost-effective way to reach water-quality goals.
David Wise standing in front of a shrub border.
David Wise Recognized as a Good Natured Pennsylvanian
Growing up in Lancaster County and playing in its creeks, Wise had an up-close view of some of the water-quality issues he is now working to correct.
Bud Miller with his young riparian buffer, showing abundant growth of trees and wildflowers.
A Family’s Restoration Adventure, Four Years In
In 2017, Bud and Marilyn Miller were the proud overseers of a new riparian buffer. Since then, a beautiful transformation has unfolded on their property.
Pennsylvania Soil Health Coalition logo
Pennsylvania Establishes a Soil Health Coalition
Healthy soils are a win for the farmers, a win for the environment, and a win for society, with the ability to grow healthy foods in a more sustainable way.