UpStream Newsletter, Spring 2005

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W. B. Dixon Stroud: A Life Celebrated

William Boulton Dixon Stroud, 88, died April 15 at his West Grove home surrounded by his family.

A strong and gentle man, whose unassuming manner, quiet generosity and genuine interest in the lives of all he met, has left a remarkable impact on southern Chester County, his home for the past 50 years, and beyond.

Perhaps nowhere is that impact stronger or his influence clearer than here at the Stroud™ Water Research Center, which he, his wife Joan, and Dr. Ruth Patrick of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANS) founded in 1966 and which in the intervening years has produced some of the world’s most innovative research on the ecology of streams, rivers and their watersheds. Read a special article in our Year in Review publication

Stroud Center Study Shows Value of Streamside Trees

In a study conducted on tributaries of the Brandywine River including Birch, Doe, and Buck and Doe Runs, as well as 13 other streams in eastern North America, a multidisciplinary team of Stroud Water Research Center researchers, has discovered that streamside (or riparian) forests play a critical role in cleaning up our streams and rivers. The study, whose findings were published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in September 2004, demonstrated that not only do trees keep pollutants out of streams, they also help process those that are in them.

Stroud Riparian Forest Buffer Program

New Summer Science Series

From May through September we will host a five part series featuring the “Science of Stroud.” Stroud Center scientists will focus on critical issues facing freshwater resources and the role of science of the Stroud Center in addressing these issues. The series is FREE and open to the public BUT seating is limited.

The Water’s Edge

William McDonough the “green architect” is scheduled as the speaker for The Water’s Edge, October 21, 2005.

Read more about The Water’s Edge

Tax Credit

Stroud Water Research Center is pleased to announce that we have just been approved by the State of Pennsylvania as an official “Educational Improvement Organization” thus qualifying us to receive your support through the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC).

What this means to you is that a company such as yours can give a gift to the Stroud Water Research Center and receive up to 90% credit against your Pennsylvania tax bill.